"Blackberry Love" – David Delisca

David and I filmed this a little while back and after much debating whether it was good enough for the public eye, we finally settled on a happy medium. It’s called, “David-is-a-perfectionist-and-worries-too-much-that-his-sh*t-ain’t-gold-when-it-totally-is.” LOL. I loved working with this guy. David just has this aura about him that I find… well, quite calming. He speaks softly, but with so much intent. It’s a beautiful energy. One of the most memorable things he’s ever said, that he said to my room mate after her comment of being too fearful to share her writing to the public, was that “It’s selfish to not share your words. You’re holding back from someone else being able to learn from you, relate to you, be inspired by you…”

Yeah, that’s David Delisca. =)

Without further ado, this poem goes out to all those who are/have been part of the Blackberry Nation... maybe you can feel David on this one.


DJ MENSA EPK from Char Loro on Vimeo.

For more David:

I’ve spoken my piece.

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  1. Scott Fisher said,

    06/21/2010 @ 6:54 pm

    CHAR this is so fucking good! Shot really well and lets just say I can relate hahaha

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