Breakfast of Champions

It’s been two and a half years since I’ve seen Phil Tessis. How exactly did I come across this zany character? Refer to this blog post here. We met that fateful night I got to see Mr. George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. A common bond was formed that evening, an understanding that is a rarity amongst our generation… that is, the unrelenting love and passion for the FUNK.

Due to technology and the savvy convenience of social media forums, we have reconnected and it has come to my attention that the yet-to-be-seen guitarist has formed a funk band of his own… YESSSSSSS! Thank THE LORD! There are still those among us who carry on the spirit of the funky FUNK!!

The tracks recorded and blasted on myspace are sparse but that won’t stop me from seeing TOAST live. From the songs I HAVE heard, it only leaves me with curiosity as to how they really sound up front and center. Collaborating with their filling counterpart, JUICE, we will be bound to hear some hip-hop, funk and rock fused into the party. Therefore, it goes without question that I will be in attendance tonight at the Silver Dollar Room (Spadina and College) where cover is only $5 and the music will hopefully have me perspiring in regret to wearing moisture-wicking clothing.

Calling all James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, P-Funk,  and WAR enthusiasts. Join me in the movement to keep FUNK alive.

For facebook event page, click here.

Hollah at a Scholah.
I’ve spoken my piece.



Bah. You caught me on a good day!


If you get it, you get it, if you don’t, I do.

It’s why we do what we do. We want to matter. We want to say, “Hey, I AM HERE.” We want to make our mark and tell the world that we exist. And sometimes… we’ve been told that we don’t. We’ve been told that it’s invalid, that we’re unimportant, that we’re invisible. You don’t see us, but we see you.

And you’re gunna know it, because we’re going to take it.

We’re gunna take what’s ours, what’s always been ours.

That is, our Name.

Don’t try to sell it, it’s invaluable.
Don’t try to copy it, it’s original.
Don’t try to hype it, it’s nothing to boast about.

Don’t you get it?

It is what it is.
And I love it.
… And I guess if you love it too,
the greatest gift that you can give back
is to just

Then again, that’s just what I think.
Nobody knows what it really all means.


The night everything went Wrong/Right.

Last night was a basket case and a half. If anyone who encountered me last night is wondering why I didn’t seem a hundred percent “Char”, I hope that this will make a few things clearer for you.

I guess it all began with this freaking video.

With only 2 hours before my return to Revival after sound check with Tanika Charles, I needed to get this video to render out and burn it onto a DVD. Problem? Final Cut crashed not once, twice, but THRICE on me. As to not bore you with incomprehensible video nerd jargon that only Mr. Justin Borja would understand, allz youz needz to knowz izzesIT WASN’T WORKING.

It was almost 10pm and I had to be at the venue way before then, so I decided, EFF IT, I’m bringing my laptop and burning the separate components to be played on the DVD player there. Done and done. Hopped in a cab, ripped it down College and got to Revival, just in time to set up camera for Tanika’s concert.

Concert? AH-MAZE-ZINQ! See for yourself:

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Bro says I’m LOAFTIN?!

My broski Theo told me yesterday that I’z be “loaftin” lately. Um… excuse me? Yeah, perhaps I’m not on any 9-5er payroll right now, but I sure as heck have NOT been loaftin. (Have you seen these biking calves/quads?)

The past couple of days have been non-stop action.


My mentor/mother/friend4lyfe Derrick got at me to inform me that he can’t fit his T2i in his suitcase for his 6 week trip to Eurasia. Guess who came a runnin’ two hours prior to his flight to scoop up some toys to play with for the next month and a half? Cam, L-series lens, light, mount… I was bouncin’ off walls! (Still selling my t1i. Get at me for deets!)

I went with my boy Dylan to pick up the goodies just in time for his little photo shoot with me for his head shots. Honestly… he ACTUALLY looks like a ken doll. Blond-haired, bright blue eyed, but nothing close to the plastic dummy brained polo jock that Mattel has branded him to be. Dylan is one of my most favorite humans and a young buck wise beyond his years. Bonded by our dislike towards RTA Frosh day, he and I have become an unbeatable duo round the Rye High parts, especially when it comes to Dana Lee projects. He is that person who I know years down the road post-graduation I will look back on and be so happy I made crazy awesome memories with him as a best friend during university.

Here are a few of the pics (on my flickr) that we took. Lookin’ for a model? Pay him good coin to capture his stunning good looks. Holla!

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If you’re somebody’s Who’s SOMEBODY.

There are five main things that I promote, blast, tell the entire world about, and that’s FOOD, MUSIC, ART, FASHION, and the PEOPLE behind it all. It’s what natural connectors do: We love something so hard that we need to share it with everyone we know.

I’ve just returned from a wonderful (yet short) vacation to Mexico over the weekend. I am beautifully bronzed, all boozed-out, and planning my next return to the extraordinary beaches of the Gulf. There is too much to talk about in regards to that trip, but one thing that is note-worthy for right now, is the fact that I have come back with a fresh, clean slate and surprisingly… an urge to hustle, and hustle HARD this summer.

A lotta events coming up in TORONTO for the next four months to come. I have every intention to hit up as many festivals/parties/bbq’s/launches/events as I can, and to of course, capture/blog about it all. Life is meant to be shared.

On that note, here’s a little post with a whole lotta shameless promotion. Listen up:

If you’re in VANCITY tonight, two big events going on:


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