Let me digress…

I once stated, “I simply do not believe the charm of The Story anymore.” About a year ago when I wrote this, I was in denial that I was actually bitter about my most recent experiences. I look back on this jaded statement and presently live the repercussions of having made such a declaration. That is, after all this time of establishing myself in a new environment, with new people, and a  new confident outlook on life, I neglected to see that walls were building up around the most precious part of one’s body: My Heart.

I guess when you make the choice to detach yourself from what you should be the most connected to, you fail to realize that it can sometimes be more difficult to break down what you’ve built up.

Someone hand me a jackhammer.

I want to remember what it’s like when all of this felt good. Because… that’s kind of how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?

I’ve spoken my piece.

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