The City that never sleeps.

That statement about New York is undeniably true. It’s been awhile since my last post but I’ve been home since Sunday evening. I haven’t had any time nor any desire to want to sit down in this 30 degree weather to post/organize/blog about the rest of my time spent in the Big Apple.

To quickly fill you in:


[yep, the best spokesperson one could ask for.]

I returned to B&H in record time to see what all the hype was about before they closed down for the rest of the weekend. I actually… died of freaking excitement. The outside display windows did not do it justice. Let’s just say, I dropped a lot of coin, (an investment, I keep telling myself), of items that cost 40% of the price that they do in Canada. It’s stupid disgusting. This empire is built on efficiency. There was a line up for everything, and they weren’t lying about all the orthodox Jews that work there either! I was most fascinated, though, about their conveyor belt system. “You wanna see a microphone? Hold on.” 2 minutes later, a little green bin appeared via way of conveyor belts located underneath the desk beneath the sales representative. Apparently this computerized system is synced to the inventory basement where there are billions of dollars worth of beautiful equipment. WAY. TOO. COOL.

[check the conveyor belt system below! ridic!!]

Needless to say, I strolled out of there… shrieking. I made the security guard take a picture of me and I walked out as the last customer during closing with hands full of bags as if they were from Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Nothing could break my spirit, not even the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything the entire day until 5pm… until I discovered I purchased the WRONG battery which was the entire reason why I went there to begin with. (Then I started punching couches… aaannnd quickly got over it. Lol.)

[bloomingdales and macy’s can go suck it.]

That evening was Lance’s concert. His band and his live performance was AWWWWWWWEEEESSSSOOOMMMMMEEEEE. Big tings for this guy, real talks. Videos to come soon.

[yep… he looks like lionel richie. LOL LOL]

[thanks for smooshing my face in your armpitual!!]

The evening ended early. Exhaustion got the best of me and I headed back to Brooklyn where I scooped up some Flautas, chips and Guac from the local Mexican resto round the corner. I got home just in time to canoodle with Rachel on her deflated air mattress, all thanks to Nancy the Cat.


I woke up late to meet with Lance and Dre. We got to the Meat Packing District where we took a trrrilllllion photos to string together for a video. Lance was born for the paparazzi, I tell you. Shortly after, I had to give my goodbyes to Dre and Chris, and left with Lance to check out Rachel’s Cabaret at “Don’t Tell Mama”.

It was beautiful to see her there, share a bit of her story, and see her under the spotlight. I know it’s been a dream of hers to be where she is now, and to see her so happy to have what she’s always wanted, made my heart want to explode. I truly am deeply happy for her, and I know one day… I’m going to join her. We just gotta… you know… find some American husbands to mooch off that green card, ya dig?! Lol.

I came back to the loft in BKLYN to meet with Chris, Rachel’s roomate. We talked about doing an impromptu video shoot the day before with his model from Barcelona that was flying in. Working with Chris and Pol was probably one of the most easiest and funnest on-the-fly collaborations I’ve ever done before. We were just silly and fun — getting some great artistic footage of Chris’ latest prints. Not to mention the fact that I’ve never shot a professional model before. Pol barely needed any direction, he is FIERCE and his eyeballs give me chills. It was great! I took home a few Christopher Lee Sauve tees to rep back in Canada and I’ve been receiving non-stop compliments on them.

[yeah… I know.]

[feat. Nancy the Cat]

[i literally turned around exclaiming, “THESE FREAKING EYEBALLS MAN!!!”]

The evening followed and I went out for dinner with a new found friend, Ayo. We perused down 4th and finally decided upon an Indian restaurant with the bombest butter chicken I’ve ever tasted. Preeeetttyyy damn good. It was dope to make more new connections in the city, especially with locals who aren’t transplants.

[with Ayo at George Washinton Square]

Dinner ended and I had to hustle to meet Stevenie in Park Slope area of Brooklyn. This is when I started to hate my life. Two hours, lost on switching late night weekend subway trains… My attempts to get to Brooklyn only lead me in the direction of Queens. Shuttle busses? Walking 20 blocks of what seems like eternity? I down two beers as fast as I could by the time I got to Rachel’s bar. I hate commuting.

Drained of all my energy, I hopped into a cab home and packed up my things for an early ten hour bus ride back towards Toronto. This time around… I wasn’t sad about it. I was actually… quite relieved to go home. I have talked about this with a few of my good friends upon my return and I guess I’ll repeat it here — I experienced one of the many, many sides of New York this time around. I experienced NYC’s exhaustion, truly, the city that never sleeps. I realize now I was workin’ on two meals a day and I never stopped hustling — may it be to get to a next meeting, switching trains, walking as fast as my little legs could go. It was all VERY exciting… and I was jumping on every opportunity that came my way… but that’s just it. This constant over-stimulation, may it be through screaming advertisements, billions of people, flashing lights, moving vehicles… it just becomes a bit much, you know? “You learn how to tune-out what you don’t want to hear.” Mmmm. This desensitization caused by this man-made self-inflicted excessivity… isn’t something that I want to be around for a long period of time. It does something to a person after awhile. Makes you kinda jaded, I feel. New York, without a doubt, is still one of my future destinations in terms of a 1-2 year residence, but it was good to know that this side existed, before it smacked me right upside the head a few years down the road.

With that, I leave you with two very current updates. One, I’ve started my new job. Yep, you guessed it. Another blogging/online social media marketing job. Life is good to me. and Two…. the Granby Girls… have officially adopted a KITTTYYYYYYYYYY!!!! and her name is Lady Pearl!!!!!

I’ve spoken my piece.



  1. Auntie Neners said,

    05/27/2010 @ 6:31 am

    Hello there niecey =)

    While you were galavanting around New York…did you by chance meet up with your Auntie Bernadette??? Did you know that she works for the city doin I believe Marketing of somesort…anyways she probably could have gotten you some really infamous connections??? You should try to get in touch with her sometime!!

    Take care of yourself and keep doin what your doin!! LUVSSS IT!! Miss ya!
    Auntie Neners

  2. Roxanne said,

    05/27/2010 @ 7:15 pm

    Hello! Was just surrrffin around the net and your blog caught my eye, it swallowed me up until I finished the entire thing, so compelling. Love your style of writing, I enjoyed the read.. Keep doin’ ur thing!

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