26 degrees? You mean 60.

Celsius, Fahrenheit… Fahrenheit, Celsius. 26 or 60… it don’t matta cause today, it was HOTT. New York City was graced with 26 (60) degrees of absolute gorgeousness.

The day started off in the early afternoon, with a trip down to Manhattan to scope out B&H on 34th and 9th. A haven to all photo/video/audio nerds alike, I scoped the scene only to discover they were closed… on “holiday”… on a THURSDAY?! (Apparently it’s because evverryone who works there is Jewish. And guess what, today is a Jewish holiday. Lol.) I guess tomorrow will have to do.

I decided to wander around Soho and found myself making a few small purchases. How could I not? This place has no tax. Ha!

I hustled my booty back to Brooklyn to pick up my equipment and then headed through an hour of subway traffic trying to get to the Upper Westside to meet Lance and Dre. I got to Wunderberg’s beautiful apartment where he had a sauna of a studio session goin’ on with the boys. I took some behind the scenes footage of their session together, and all that has become embedded in my mind is, “Space. More spacey sounding.” Lol. That probably made it sound like it sounds BAD… but trust me, it’s anything BUT.

[the wunderberg]

[lance drummonds, aka voice that makes ya melt like butta on yo breakfast toast.]

Dre and I decided to take a break and walk down to the Hudson River. Twas lovely.

[the view of the hudson river]

[photo courtesy of dre charles]

[this is lovely.]

I just got back to the BK not too long ago. Coolin’ out with Nancy the Kitty, who loves to demand my attention by walking all over my laptop. I never used to like cats, but this kitty is on a whole next level of awesome. I guess you can say… we’ve become insta-besties. We did a little photo shoot together at the loft while Rachel was at school. Whaat?! Can you blame me? I’m not going to waste wicked photo studio space. Lol.

Tomorrow is the show. Again, if you’re able to get to Soho within the next 20 hours, reach BLVD on Bowery St. 8pm. Lance Drummonds will not disappoint. “We threw Lance Drummonds a show the year BEFORE he blew up.” … Yeah, I want to be able to say that. =)

I’ve spoken my piece.


  1. Hershel K. Waldner said,

    05/21/2010 @ 7:09 am

    Thank you for your kind mention of B&H Photo. So sorry you missed us! Please do come again. Please accept our warm thanks and deep gratitude for your patronage. We look forward to earning your trust and continued business for many years to come. I invite you and your readers to check out our new informative and entertaining blog at http://www.bhinsights.com

    Hershel K. Waldner
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  2. Jake M. said,

    05/25/2010 @ 7:21 pm

    It’s always been a dream of mine to visit B&H in NYC. For real! I hope you went back when it was open and got to check it all out!

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