Brooklyn illin’

The megabus ride here to NYC was smooth sailing. I couldn’t have asked for an emptier bus. For a ten hour ride, this trip has become nothing but an extended, uncomfortable nap for me. I arrived here at 7:30ish am and hopped right onto the L Train towards Brooklyn, where I’m staying with my homegirl Rachel. An old girlfriend from the days of the Lu, she and I spent many nights canoodling after drinking and dancing outings in Toronto. She’s been all over the map since she left last year — Santorini, all over Europe, and finally here in NYC. I couldn’t be more happier for her knowing that this is where she’s always wanted to be.

… Damn American Visa difficulties. Our goal? Marry some hott, rich, American men and live down here permanently. Just throwin’ the word out there! Lol.

Today was good times in BK. After Rachel’s dance rehearsal at school, her and her friend Stevenie (Just about the coolest name ever) came back to the loft and the three of us headed for the Burg (Williamsburg) for some grubbin’ and happy hour drinks. Blackburn Parlour on Bedford Ave. was all the rage this afternoon, minus the unhappy server we had and her horrendous service. We tromped through the neighbourhood and paid a visit to my favorite vintage store, Beacon’s Closet, where I scooped up this delightful little summer dress for $13 dollas. Hopefully weather man will be true to his word and bless me with 26 degrees of awesomeness tomorrow.

After what seems like walking for hours, we decided to hit up another bar and came across Surf Bar, where the mojitos were the talk of the town… but really didn’t live up to it’s name. Why try mojitos elsewhere when my favorite are sake mojitos from Guu? Needless to say… this perhaps double shot of gin, crapload of sugar and rum got to my poor belly and… well… I did what I do best. I yakked… in public.

*Shakes her head* I’m shameful, I know. Twas not a good look on my behalf to hop in a cab a few blocks from the loft only to puke anyways on the corner of the street. Lol. Some dude yelled out his car, “Can’t handle your liquor?!” … As a matter of fact… sometimes I CAN’T, OKAY?! I don’t know what else to tell you. Hahaha.

We got home, I rested for a bit and when I got up, I found myself alone and the girls had gone off… to two more bars in the neighborhood. Lol. I met up with them at Boulevard Cafe for some amazing Mac N’ Cheese, then we dragged ourselves back home so that we could chill on the roof top.

CHILL on the ROOF TOP. Check THAT off my list. Sigh.

Tomorrow I’m paying a visit to Manhattan, going to nerd out at B&H on some camera geekiness, and settle on a time meeting with Lance to discuss video business. I can already tell… I’m going to get angry-emo again on the bus home come Sunday. *Sigh*

Keep ya updated.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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