Makin’ Fire: NYC Round 2

I’m rushing right now to post something real quick before I do 4873297289 errands and my most dreaded activity, aka PACKING, before I dipset for NYC at 9pm tonight. The decision to head down for the week was spontaneous and random, inspired by Mr. Lance Drummonds, who has requested that I film his upcoming concert on Friday night.

Lance and I met for the first time back in November (Makin’ Fire: Round 1) when I was working with Old Money. Waking up on Sunday morning to see Konrad and Lance producing music in the living room, Lance’s first impression of myself was that of a red-flanneled sleepy-eyed Char. Who would’ve thought that the next time I’d be going down to NY would be to work with the ridiculously incredible R&B artist on a video of his own?!?

I shall be in the Big Apple for the next four days, so if anyone wants to introduce me to some delicious new eats, undiscovered rooftops, or happenin’ events, please keep me in the know! As well, if you’re free on Friday night, you’re all invited to “The Fly Experience Volume II”, Lance Drummonds in Concert!! BRRRRAP!

To learn more about Lance and his buttery smooth voice that has men and women alike, SWOONING, check out his blog here or his myspace here.

Till my return!

I’ve spoken my piece.

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