I’ve been looking for you.

[Disclaimer: for full effect of mass epic proportions, one must read this with legendary movie trailer voice… Failure to do so will automatically translate into the author’s ethos which is that of a crazy person….]

For centuries I’ve roamed these pot-holed streets, fiercely riding into the wind, traveling afar where no night rider has gone before… With my black water-resistant moisture-wicking lululemon running gloves strapped on, and my lucky imitation leather H&M jacket… the concrete of Toronto knows nothing else but rubber skid marks and the smell of burning black substance.

Boldly cutting through vehicles and racing street cars, I embraced the night alone. We were one.

But I knew something was amiss… I knew that greater things were to come… I felt it in every bone as the barren, cold streets whispered it, with every whir of my chain.

I was to be alone no longer.

I stumbled upon a crew… no, a family, who have shared a secret I thought only my mind possessed.

“Hey Char, how did you get here?”

“I biked.”

“Sick, you have a bike too? … We’re ALL biking.”

Walking out into the familiar almost-summer night air, we gathered into our perfectly imperfect assembly line. A feeling overtook my senses as I embraced the approval of myself and my other half, Sinthuja. It was an acceptance beyond measure. It is what the streets have whispered into my being for the many centuries I fought through the city alone…

I have found… my Goonies.

My Night Riders.

“Ride Safe. … May the Force be with You.”

I’ve spoken my piece.

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