The night everything went Wrong/Right.

Last night was a basket case and a half. If anyone who encountered me last night is wondering why I didn’t seem a hundred percent “Char”, I hope that this will make a few things clearer for you.

I guess it all began with this freaking video.

With only 2 hours before my return to Revival after sound check with Tanika Charles, I needed to get this video to render out and burn it onto a DVD. Problem? Final Cut crashed not once, twice, but THRICE on me. As to not bore you with incomprehensible video nerd jargon that only Mr. Justin Borja would understand, allz youz needz to knowz izzesIT WASN’T WORKING.

It was almost 10pm and I had to be at the venue way before then, so I decided, EFF IT, I’m bringing my laptop and burning the separate components to be played on the DVD player there. Done and done. Hopped in a cab, ripped it down College and got to Revival, just in time to set up camera for Tanika’s concert.

Concert? AH-MAZE-ZINQ! See for yourself:

I enjoyed her performance thoroughly, especially her song, “Silly, Happy, Wild.” I spotted Rich Kidd in the crowd right up front near the stage and tried to get a few shots of him wilin’ out. Especially after seeing the mini-doc of him and Tanika producing this song and knowing everything that went into it, it was so inspiring to see the both of them relish in the fruits of their labour. You can tell so genuinely how much that song means to the both of them. I can’t get over it; it’s simply a work of art to see two ingenious minds come together. Love, love, looove.

After Tanika’s concert, I had to hop into a cab and rip it down College once more, this time to Suba Nightclub for Teddy aka TFHouse’s performance. With the Beetles texting me to “Come! COME NOW!” and “HE’S ON!!! HURRY!”, I get to the venue in record time, by-passing the door girl telling her I’d throw her a ten after filming Teddy’s performance. I was literally running and putting equipment together. Thanks to my midget advantages, I squeezed my way to the front just in time for Teddy’s first song.

CRAZY. Even more crazy? Teddy shouts out to the crowd that his brother Marcus is filming in the back and using footage from this performance for Teddy’s “On My Way” music video… guess Marcus got an extra shooter from a wiiiicked angle without his knowing, eh?! HYPE, HYPE, HYYPPPEEEEE.

After the show, the next performers went on, which I was beginning to film too, until one of them jumped right into MY FACE, into MY CAMERA, which rocks me on the side of my head.

This is when Char-trying-to-not-have-a-b*tch-fit comes out. I grabbed ALL my things, booked it through the crowd trying to find a quiet space to check on my camera, WHICH, by the way (I’m so sorry, Mother) isn’t MINE. I stood in the exit stairwell and much to my relief, there wasn’t even a scratch… except for the one on my head on top of the baby goose egg that was forming. I’d rather be bleeding on my head then to hurt poor t2i.

I had enough.

I wanted to leave ASAP back to the Main Ingredient at Revival. I didn’t like the mood I was starting to get in from being in over-packed places with irritating drunk people who look like idiots (because I’m a hundred percent sober.)

I said my goodbyes and hopped into a cab, feeling the stress of what I just went through catching up to me. Whatever. I cried, okay? Nobody saw except for the cab driver who was too busy illegally talking on his cell phone probably talking sh*t about how stupid I look crying in his cab.

We pull up to Revival and as I’m reaching into my purse to pay him, I realize… I don’t have my wallet. WHERE is my wallet?! GRAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! And then flashes in my mind of when I last saw it started to appear. Did I put it back in my purse when I set up my camera? Did somebody from the crowd dip their hands in my bag when I was filming on stage?! I told the cab driver to turn around to head back to Suba so I could find my wallet, all the while crying even more and getting MORE pissed because 1. I’ve never lost my wallet before and 2. REALLY?! Is this actually happening? I’m crying, and I’m talking to the cab driver, venting to him and telling him everything that happened tonight, and then he says something I don’t understand, so I ask, “Sorry sir? What did you say?” He turns around and says to me, “Oh, I’m talking on the phone.”

… ?!?!?!


I burned holes through the back of his head with my eyeballs. It wasn’t pretty.

I got back to Suba and found some of my friends who hung onto my stuff while I looked for where I possibly could have lost my wallet. THANK THE LORD it was in the stairwell where I was checking on my camera. I grabbed it thanking Allah/Buddah/Jesus that I had it back and grabbed my stuff from my boy Vince. He handed me an extra camera bag which I was so happy about because I had been asking my buddy Red foreeverrr to get my other camera back that they borrowed for Tokyo awhile ago.

Jumped back in the cab, annoyed by the stupid driver, get to Revival, only to have him drive too far. “Stop, please! Right here is fine.” He keeps driving. Now… I don’t like to ever give service people lip. They probably receive it enough and if anything, I’m VERY courteous… but this guy? He’s an IDIOT and I HAD ENOUGH.STOP! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? GREAT. 50 CENTS MORE just to drive THE WRONG WAY?! THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS.” He had the decency to still charge me for it too. Why do you think I bike everywhere these days?!

As I’m walking back towards Revival I realize… this extra camera bag… doesn’t look like my old one…. Did the boys buy me a new one?! I open the bag and sure enough, I have someone else’s camera. WHAAATTTTT?!?! I called Vince, ranting and upset wondering wtf is going on, there’s NO way I’m going all the way back to Suba again, I hate that I’m probably putting someone else through a panic attack right now, etc etc, only to have him calm me down and tell me that he will deal with it. I love him. He is a man of his word and one of those friends who will just tell you he loves you straight up, even to end a phone call.

I relaxed, went back in… to find that the DVD was STILL rendering. It’s 1am!! What’s the point of this right now?! Irritated by how pointless it all was, I canceled it and shut down my computer, filmed what I needed to film…

Then double fisted two cranberry vodkas.

Spotting the Supernatz boyz on the dance floor, I was super stoked. They’re suuuper fun and silly to hang with and always make me so happy to see them on the dance floor. The night was finally turning around well!

Until my homeboys Vince and Tomo who were back at Suba wanted to meet up and maybe eat and chill. I went back to Spadina and College… then realized I left my TRIPOD back at REVIVAL.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT?!!?! Ps. I was lugging my laptop bag, camera, purse, and mystery camera…

I said my goodbyes for the last time, went BACK to Revival to grab my tripod, then joined the Main Ingredient fam for our usual after eats at Lakeview Diner on Dundas and Ossington. Fromage a Trois sandwich with Bacon and tomato, plus sweet potato fries, a whole lotta laughs and high fives with the fam… and finally cooling out from a long ridiculous, ridicullouuusss night.

I need to go back to bed. My head is throbbing from lack of sleep. If you ask me, that whole entire shebang was one big fat sh*tshow that I can only thank 1. that my camera is in pristine condition, 2. I didn’t lose my wallet, 3. Teddy and Tanika both put on wicked performances, and 4. I got my whole fam (from Main Ing to the Granby Girls to my boyz) for backing me up haarrd.

I’ve got nothing but love, a bruise on the side of my head, and -$40 dollars worth on cabs on my bank account.

A new day has come.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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