VIP is the ONLY way to BE.

Yeah. Whatever. So what if I was totally in Quebec City this weekend for the Rebull Crashed Ice event with a whole crew from T.O. reppin’ VIP passes staying at the Chateau Frontenac?! What’s it to you?!?!


I’m just dreaming of that California king sized bed that I comfortably shared with the Granby Girls. All three of us fit so perfectly on that bed. I walked around the Chateau in a ballin white bath robe and my sneakers. Even had k-os spot me at the elevator doors and compliment me on my choice of attire to peruse the grand lobby. Lol. I ate authentic Swiss fondue at La Grolla where gluttony was committed on several accounts. We partied at Maurice’s and Dagobert’s like we was in Europa Technoland. I fell in love with cobble stone and horse carriages and the St. Lawrence river. I just want to spend my days curled up on a couch, eating sandwiches from Paillard and sippin’ on real thick espresso. And You know those annoying b*tches you see struttin’ up to the bouncers, flashing their lovely smile and getting in without question? And you wonder to yourself, what did youuuuuu do to be so special as to deserve that treatment? And here you are, it’s 0 degrees out and you’re at the back of the line up on the other side of the building, shivering in your mini skirt considering if you should go straight to after-eats because you know you most likely will never get in… WELL… for once in my life… I WAS ONE OF THOSE b*tches!!!

And it KEPT happening. HAHAHA. I swear, apparently we were getting looked at a lot everywhere we went as a troupe. It’s as if people looked at us and wondered if we were famous because we looked like we could be famous, but really, we’re no where close to being famous. Hahaha. Such a WEIRD feeling to be treated like that. Needless to say, it felt pretty freaking pimp all weekend to be livin’ it up like we did.

I’m exhausted. Try going back to Monday morning 9am-9pm school day after an incredible weekend like that.
Oh. And it’s been announced. I officially have converted to liking mushrooms. Never have before, but after trying mushrooms stuffed with cured beef and baked in cheesey goodness? How could you say no? Oh. ALSO, I officially and currently… am diggin’ the White Boy. Never did before, but for some reason… definitely do now.

As quoted from my facebook status: “I’ve done my fair share of dippin’ into the pool of our kind. I have NEVER been into White Boys!! Like, actually! And now… I’ve a strong attraction to those beautiful eyeballs/long eyelashes fused with an extensive knowledge of tasteful music, impeccable style, possibly a tatty sleeve and >5″10 mark… needless to say, the cultured White boy is a good look in my books. Pass any of them my way? Lol.”

Resumes with headshots now being accepted. Line em up. I like you.
I’m just writing silly random nonsense now. Leave you with a few flicks? That’d be a good idea. Flickr will be up soon. Stay tuned!

[facebook album unedited up, in case you wanted a sneakeroo. gotta be my friend though! part 1 part 2.]

I’ve spoken my piece.

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