Time Warp.

That’s just what it’s like for me every time I come out here… It’s like I go through a time warp and life skips chapters ahead. All of a sudden, I’m being invited to three weddings next summer, childhood friends are getting engaged/popping out humans from their asses, more people are getting preggers, homies are changing their majors, going back to school, dropping school, homegirls aren’t even in the city anymore/venturing off into unknown territory… the world keeps on spinning and I forget that when I’m in Toronto, Vancouver is not at a stand still waiting to pick up where we left off. It’s a matter of coming back here… and well, catching up. It makes me wish I had all the time in the world to see everyone who once meant something to me, to genuinely hear about how they’re doing, what kind of curve balls and victories life has given them. Let’s be honest here, people change. And most definitely… I’ve changed. Vancouver has seen two versions of me and sometimes it’s hard to accept what you’re not used to, you know? I get that. I don’t take it personal.
I was talking about this with one of my oldest and best friends last night. He said to me, “You’re so lucky to be able to know two cities so well. We go to Toronto, and we only know you. Haha.”
I end up feeling so divided sometimes. I end up wanting to be where I’m not. Dissatisfied with my current state. Mmmm. But life is about Timing and it’s perfect place in this progression of my story. Right now, Toronto is where my hustle’s at.
I do, however… feel a stronger urge to return one day to the west and live here for a period of time once more, this time at a part of the city where I can watch the sun slide down behind the ocean, every single night…

NOT looking forward to going home Wednesday morning…
I’ve spoken my piece.

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  1. Konstantin said,

    03/08/2010 @ 6:46 am

    The only constant is change. Its acceptance rather than its resistance will give you the ability to absorb the amazing experiences you create and share with your friends and family (not to mention, also, shake off the disparities that your only-human wants and our cold realities create).

    All we can really do is enjoy the time we are given, no matter how short it really is or feels like. Shows how much you really care about sharing your existence with your loved ones and that’s what really matters in the end.

    Very heartfelt piece!

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