BLING of the best kind.

So liiiike when is our country going to incorporate a 24 carat gold maple leaf onto our flag? Because I’m preeettyyy sure 14 gold medals would give us the claims to do so. Just sayin.

If you are living in this blessed and beautiful nation and were not dropping everything in your life to watch the final Mens US vs. Canada hockey game yesterday afternoon, I think I want to slap you with your citizenship/birth certificate. Right across the face. 27 times. (Plus ten more for good measure.)

It was intense. Magners in one hand, fist clenched and pumping on the other, I was literally balancing on the edge of my couch yelling all sorts of profanities at our blurry television. Twitter was over-capacity.

In point form, all you need to know is:

  • Crosby can go and have my childrenses
  • Vince Vaughn+wacking pelvis at TV+me yelling “SUCK IT!”
  • the entire Canadian Mens Hockey team probably got a whooolllee lotta action last night post-game. Rightfully earned!
  • Iraq sent a bbm wave sharing their support. Brrrap! Isn’t that a surprise??
  • Team USA needs to smile and be proud of at least winning silver. They can’t be #1 at EVVVERRYYTHING.
  • LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Immediately post-game, a faint sound was heard while we were still rejoicing in our living room. Opening up the balcony we could hear… it had already begun. RIOTS. I jumped up and exclaimed that we HAD to go to Dundas Sq!!! I NEED TO SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!! Kate, Bozzy and I ran out of my house and the honking, yelling, belligerence began. It was STUPID. SO STUPID that it went on for 6 hours. If you wanted to celebrate and party?!? YD Square was THE PLACE to BE!!!!!!!!!

  • Cops on horses, fibre glass shields ready for any harmful riot action
  • Streetcars backed up on either side of Dundas
  • People flooding down Yonge to the epicentre of the city. We’re talking Yonge filled with pedestrians from Gerrard to Queen.
  • Cars parading, people climbing lamp posts, waving flags
  • full grown men getting regulated by the po-po, pouring their beer bottles in the gutter
  • full grown men getting regulated by the po-po, to get down from skinny ass trees that would probably break
  • I JUMPED ON THE BACK of RANDOM DUDE’S TRUCK and paraded down Yonge!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!

The energy in the city was beautiful. I will NEVER forget it. A video will be posted soon, but for now, enjoy the few visuals I have.

My Obama essay has suffered long enough. I dropped everything in my life to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime action yesterday. Time to get crackin’. Vancity is in a few days and I kiiinda have four projects to do before I biggity bounce.

Holler at a Schollarrrrrr!
I’ve spoken my piece.


  1. ksigna said,

    03/02/2010 @ 6:23 am

    i have an exam in a couple hours and this post is what i am reading.

  2. Gail Ng said,

    03/05/2010 @ 1:02 am

    Wow, really?! You think so? Nope, I’m not with any companies & I haven’t really thought about it before. But that’s such a huuuuge boost of motivation knowing that I possibly could. It would be amazing if I got to do things like that. Thank you so much for the laaav!

    & LUUUUUUUU! That game was the most intense game in the history of ever. Vancouver seriously exploded the moment we won!

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