And the Winner is…

So if you weren’t there on Friday, couldn’t get in, forgot your money at home (WHO does that?! Achem…) well, THAT REEEALLY SUCKS FOR YOU. Look in the mirror and tell yourself to stop crying every night and that next month, you won’t miss out on DJ MENSA reppin’ TORONTO (AGAAAINNNNNN!!!!!) at the REDBULL 3STYLE Nationals comping up on March 13th.

That’s right. Damn skippy.

Mensa took it home once again and I have to say… his set was unmatched. The man is a born performer and he had everyone on the dance floor rockin’ it out. FIST PUMPS and all!! I even had a homegirl claim some random dudes jumped on the bandwagon for Mensa fan-nage and stole her sign right out of her hand. Ah well, hopefully they’re a convert to Mensa-ism at the price of -sign on Christine’s expense.

I hollered at the homie today to see how he’s ridin’ off the hype:

How do you feel being the REDBULL 3STYLE CHAMP for TORONTO second year in a row?

“Feels great! Very relieved to get this performance in the bag. Win or lose I just wanted to get my set off clean. I had a great time on stage and the crowd was enjoying it too.”

Highlights of the night?

“Finally being able to hear the set on a loud speaker and being able to have a live audience to perform in front of. They were liking it for the most part.” (Tah! “For the most part” my ass! I’m preeeettyy sure everyone was hootin’ and hollerin’ like there was no tomorrow.)

What can we hope for at Nationals?

“Ya’ll can expect more of the same on stage. The list of songs in the world to choose from in dwindling but that motivates me to dig deeper and be more creative with the music I’ll select.”

Please explain a proper “fist pump” and allow your fans to know where we can all pick up a super fabby gold studded eagle crested shirt.

“ for a detailed pictorial on how to get that fist pump on. And that shirt was an exclusive one, care of my sponsorship with Bedazzled.”

There you have it, folks. Saturday, MARCH 13th, 2010 at the SOUND ACADEMY. If Mensa wins the Canadian National Final, he will move on to Paris for the International Final in December 2010… I’m sorry, WHAT?!? PARIS?! (I will seriously hop on a plane for that freaking action. Mensa’s personal videographer, entourage and fist pumper, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!! How crazy would it be to document that entire experience? I’ve convinced myself. DONE.)

Enjoy some of the still shots of the craziness you may or may not have been in attendance for. It was so good. SO GOOD! Shouts out to all the homies and homegirls who came and showed Mensa love. (Grandgroove, Black-Rap, Big Philly, Notaurious, Jillicious, the Granby Girls, Ohtake and Queen, Committeedesign, and etc.) And Mad love to the Supernaturalz Studs for cuttin’ the dance floor with the Granby Girls, and protecting babyboi T.I. (my camera) from drunk dance circle interrupters.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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DJ MENSA on the 1's and 2's…

I remember the very first time I officially met Dustin. I had seen his face around spinning at events here and there around the city. At the time, I was quite new to the hips and happenins of Toronto. I knew Dustin was a DJ… but I never knew he was DJ MENSA. I kept hearing about “DJ Mensa this, DJ Mensa that” but never put a face to the name. I even went to Octapus for Social Experiment (his weekly jam) for my first time and was surprised to see him there. I knew that this infamous “DJ Mensa” threw the night there, but when I saw Dustin up near the DJ booth, for some reason I thought he was a guest DJ opening UP for DJ Mensa or SOMETHING.

… LOL.

It wasn’t until a house party when we actually got to talk forever and I finally asked, “So… what IS your DJ name?” “…DJ MENSA.” You shoulda seen my eyeballs at that moment. It’s like hanging out with the uber King of Coolness and never knowing it was HIM the WHOLE TIME. (Just goes to show you how humble the man is.)

Since then, Dustin and I have grown to become good friends and I honestly attribute a lot of my success and network to him. He’s been the connector to so many people, opportunities, and most importantly, he’s one of the significant people here who took the time to show me why Toronto is worth falling in love with.

It’s been exactly a year since Dustin aka DJ MENSA won the Toronto Champion title for the Redbull 3Style DJ Competition. He moved on to the Nationals also held here in Toronto where he won 2nd runner up. All pretty huge accomplishments that I couldn’t be more proud of. If you were at either competitions last year… HOW SICK WAS IT?!? Seriously can’t get over it.

Tonight he will be defending his title at the Mod Club with a whole new batch of contenders. I bbm’d him this morning to see how he was doin on the big day:

So, how do you feel on game day?

“I feel cool. Yes, I’m a little nervous but I’ve been here before. At this point there’s nothing else left to do except rock out and have fun. I’ll have my best friends in the crowd and I’m very content with that.”

You think you have a good chance at defending your title?

“A lot of people have stepped to me saying they don’t recognize many of the names competing. I think that just means they’re gonna be the names to look out for in the next couple of years to come. Everybody’s here for a reason. Never count anyone out.”

What’s your secret to extreme coolness to the tenth power?

“Work on yourself and build your own character. Trust your gut and stick with every decision you make. There’s not enough time on this earth to back peddle or live in regret… Let’s go!!”

Needless to say, I’ve got my favorite DJ Mensa mixtapes playing on my itunes and I’m reppin’ last year’s MENSA shirt at the office today. (This year’s one is all white. I have a tendency to get messy so I’ll save the costume change for later tonight.) Brit’s got her’s on at the office today as well, and I can imagine that the other Beetle will probably rep hers when she gets up.

If you haven’t made plans yet, OR EVEN IF YOU HAVE, DROP THEM! REACH tonight!! Come early, line up will be long, for SURE. And it’ll be a good party regardless. I’ve rented some new toys to play with this weekend so be on the lookout for this shawty and smile for my camera.


“It’s like manifest destiny. Don’t tell me we didn’t make it. We MADE it. We are here. And everything that is past is prologue to this.”

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When the La La hits ya…

If I got to choose a coast I got to choose the East
I live out there, so don’t go there
But that don’t mean a n*gga can’t rest in the West
See some nice breasts in the West
Smoke some nice sess in the West, y’all n*ggaz is a mess
Thinkin I’m gon stop, givin L.A. props…


Oh Biggie, your vulgarity is unmatched. Booked and ready to fly. June 2010, LA LA LAND… we comin’.


My Vintage Secret

As some of you may or may not know, I have taken a liking to the fabby faux fur. There’s something about it that makes me plume up my chest and walk around with my head a little higher… Let’s just say I’ve had my nails consistently painted for the last month. That’s a huge accomplishment for THISS girl who can usually be spotted with paint chipped nails from 4 months ago. Yuck!

I don’t purchase much these days, but my latest is one of my most favorite items in my closet right now. Care of Miss Kaitlin Simonsen of, I scored this amazing blonde faux fur coat a few weeks ago. In my previous one (tis a black faux fur), I was dubbed the persona, “Kimora Lee Fabulous.” But in this new badboy, the wonderful waiter at Cora’s simply described me as “a younger, more beautiful Yoko Ono.”Why… THANK YOU!!

Dustin aka DJ Mensa said I looked like I was wearing a rice cake… but rice cakes are delicious… so, whatever! If you peruse on the My Vintage Secret website, you can see some more of Kaitlin’s findings that she sells online. Also, gain some inspiration on how you can re-work your own goodies to make your closet sustainable. I can’t NOT look good when I show up to work with this girl, I swear. She inspires me!

I’ve spoken my piece.




All Day I Dream About Summer.

So much that I… will have a BBQ… in February. Who says I can’t? Well they can go suck it! Cause I did! Uh huh, yeah I did!

Yesterday marked the celebration of 2 years living in this wonderful city. I decided that there was no better way to kick off the third year (3 is my lucky number by the way) than to have a BBQ with some pretty incredible people in my household. The sun was brilliant, the grill was hot with my homemade rosemary beef burgers, and the sangria was goin’ till sun down. (And unfortunately, the cause to my early dismissal of superbowl action. Ah well, it’s my party and I’ll crash if I want to. Lol.)

I am somewhat disappointed that I didn’t capture more footage of the afternoon and evening. You know how it is. Photographer gets caught up at her own festivities. This is when secondary photographer of my life events would be greatly appreciated. (Officially now hiring photographer to come under the char armpit.) Many waves of people came through. My calves are a testament to the number of times I ran up and down my two flights of stairs.

Thanks again to everyone who made yesterday amazingly fun. Summer is fast approaching. T-minus 3.5 months. Until then… A.D.I.D.A.S.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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Thank You.

That is all I feel today. Gratitude and blessed beyond measure.

Char of Feb 2nd, 2008 once said, “Honestly, I have no other reason for being here other than the fact that I CAN, and that I… just am.”

I’ve been learning lately that perhaps the reason I have such an intrigue with documenting the present in order to project a “future past” is the fact that it is my only measurement of growth and it is the only thing I see of value leaving behind to the generations to come. It’s a good reminder that life moves forward, new things are ahead to be experienced, and that this is what makes me love life.

I am in amazement at the series of events that have occurred in the time I’ve been here.

“It’s easy to make mistakes and regret my decision, regret my move… and that’s something I will never do. No matter how bad I’ve screwed up, I don’t regret this. I’m here for a reason, this is my chance to reinvent myself, and this is what I’m doing now.”

I didn’t even weigh in the gravity of that statement above. Surely, I screwed up. I screwed up quiiiite a few times actually. Perhaps at one point I bought into the theory that “the grass is greener on the other side.” What I learned instead is that the grass is green wherever I watered it.

I’ve never regretted being here. It took me a year and a half to actually believe I love it. And I do. Consider it dual citizenship. Toronto, you are written on my heart forever.

With that, I want to extend my thanks to all of You. You who inspired me, You who welcomed me, You who helped make this place a home for me and definitely You who pushed me beyond my limits. Thank you, thank you, Thank you.

I’ve spoken my piece. Happy freaking 2 year anniversary, Toronto.


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