Cabin Fever.

If I were to take a picture of my face right now I’m pretty sure you’d want to place an entire turkey dinner in front of me. I am pale. My eyeballs are small. I have been sitting in front of this computer for hours hating my work and absolutely annoyed with small minor mistakes that could have been fixed the moment of… and then of course, how could I forget, this is when I broke that $1500 lens. And bawled my eyes out. And then caught the flu. And then puked 5 times throughout the night.  And have been sick/recuperating all week. And cancelled on 7 important meetings. And have accomplished 1/12 things on my to-do list during a very vital reading week. Are you tired of my complaining yet? Wanna feed me some cheese with my whine? Ah… but Doc says stay away from dairy! Makes me queasy!

I’ve been trying all week to not let the negativity of everything that’s happened this week get to me. I had been doing pretty good thus far. But today… like… right now, at this very moment... I just want to cry.

I’m not very happy right now.

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  1. Preston said,

    02/19/2010 @ 3:38 pm

    charrrrrr. dude im in toronto!!! staying at my friends place dt.. by ryerson uni.. hit me up on twitter. @pr3stonn

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