And the Winner is…

So if you weren’t there on Friday, couldn’t get in, forgot your money at home (WHO does that?! Achem…) well, THAT REEEALLY SUCKS FOR YOU. Look in the mirror and tell yourself to stop crying every night and that next month, you won’t miss out on DJ MENSA reppin’ TORONTO (AGAAAINNNNNN!!!!!) at the REDBULL 3STYLE Nationals comping up on March 13th.

That’s right. Damn skippy.

Mensa took it home once again and I have to say… his set was unmatched. The man is a born performer and he had everyone on the dance floor rockin’ it out. FIST PUMPS and all!! I even had a homegirl claim some random dudes jumped on the bandwagon for Mensa fan-nage and stole her sign right out of her hand. Ah well, hopefully they’re a convert to Mensa-ism at the price of -sign on Christine’s expense.

I hollered at the homie today to see how he’s ridin’ off the hype:

How do you feel being the REDBULL 3STYLE CHAMP for TORONTO second year in a row?

“Feels great! Very relieved to get this performance in the bag. Win or lose I just wanted to get my set off clean. I had a great time on stage and the crowd was enjoying it too.”

Highlights of the night?

“Finally being able to hear the set on a loud speaker and being able to have a live audience to perform in front of. They were liking it for the most part.” (Tah! “For the most part” my ass! I’m preeeettyy sure everyone was hootin’ and hollerin’ like there was no tomorrow.)

What can we hope for at Nationals?

“Ya’ll can expect more of the same on stage. The list of songs in the world to choose from in dwindling but that motivates me to dig deeper and be more creative with the music I’ll select.”

Please explain a proper “fist pump” and allow your fans to know where we can all pick up a super fabby gold studded eagle crested shirt.

“ for a detailed pictorial on how to get that fist pump on. And that shirt was an exclusive one, care of my sponsorship with Bedazzled.”

There you have it, folks. Saturday, MARCH 13th, 2010 at the SOUND ACADEMY. If Mensa wins the Canadian National Final, he will move on to Paris for the International Final in December 2010… I’m sorry, WHAT?!? PARIS?! (I will seriously hop on a plane for that freaking action. Mensa’s personal videographer, entourage and fist pumper, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!! How crazy would it be to document that entire experience? I’ve convinced myself. DONE.)

Enjoy some of the still shots of the craziness you may or may not have been in attendance for. It was so good. SO GOOD! Shouts out to all the homies and homegirls who came and showed Mensa love. (Grandgroove, Black-Rap, Big Philly, Notaurious, Jillicious, the Granby Girls, Ohtake and Queen, Committeedesign, and etc.) And Mad love to the Supernaturalz Studs for cuttin’ the dance floor with the Granby Girls, and protecting babyboi T.I. (my camera) from drunk dance circle interrupters.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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