My Vintage Secret

As some of you may or may not know, I have taken a liking to the fabby faux fur. There’s something about it that makes me plume up my chest and walk around with my head a little higher… Let’s just say I’ve had my nails consistently painted for the last month. That’s a huge accomplishment for THISS girl who can usually be spotted with paint chipped nails from 4 months ago. Yuck!

I don’t purchase much these days, but my latest is one of my most favorite items in my closet right now. Care of Miss Kaitlin Simonsen of, I scored this amazing blonde faux fur coat a few weeks ago. In my previous one (tis a black faux fur), I was dubbed the persona, “Kimora Lee Fabulous.” But in this new badboy, the wonderful waiter at Cora’s simply described me as “a younger, more beautiful Yoko Ono.”Why… THANK YOU!!

Dustin aka DJ Mensa said I looked like I was wearing a rice cake… but rice cakes are delicious… so, whatever! If you peruse on the My Vintage Secret website, you can see some more of Kaitlin’s findings that she sells online. Also, gain some inspiration on how you can re-work your own goodies to make your closet sustainable. I can’t NOT look good when I show up to work with this girl, I swear. She inspires me!

I’ve spoken my piece.


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