Believe it or not, I do possess an inkling or so of athleticism within me. It may be quite hard for you to envision that considering most of the time I’m caught looking quite style conscious. You’d think Char at the gym = running in her chucks, denim shorts, a gold chain and gold hoop earrings, a little baby Tee that says “NO PAIN NO GAIN”, and of course, rockin’ that side shaved head. Let’s be honest here, especially to the most recent folks who have met me, I don’t exactly look like the type to break a sweat if my life depended on it.

You will now stand corrected.

I did participate in sport teams growing up. Basketball here, gymnastics there, (never volleyball, I am a disgrace), and in high school, I did “girly” athletic things like cheerleading and dance. (I know, I know, cheerleading. I’ll have you know I was once co-captain and even won a scholarship for cheerleading. We were not of the typical breed in east Vancouver. We were an ALL ASIAN (+1 white girl) cheer squad. Cornrows, mohawks, and 4 gold medals. Am I proud? HELL YA. I’ll spirit finger all up in your face.)

And now, being out of mandatory physical education, the only things I did was yoga.. and RUN. To have worked for a yoga apparel company for three years and reap the benefits of complimentary yoga classes was a dream. Not to mention the amounts of moisture wicking, functional yet fashionable work out attire I have collected over the years would make protein-chugging gym junkies green with envy.

Having left such a wonderful employment, I will be honest, I have not done a single thing other than one action: flex my mother freaking biceps to shovel food into my face.

It is so sad.

Fortunately, I am petite and Asian and don’t exactly put on noticeable weight. But let’s get real here. It’s not about attaining the hottest bod come summer 2010. I’ll love myself even if I’m a sio pao blob.

There is simply something so exhilarating about RUNNING.

It’s a release. You don’t think about anything, yet you think about everything. It’s so rewarding. I don’t give myself enough credit for my natural stamina. I refuse to stop. It’s like this internal battle within the confines of my mind, saying, “Char, you’re a mother effin BEAST. Mind over matter. Don’t you think about those dumplings and don’t you dare stop.”
About two years ago I was doing pretty good. During the time, I lived on the west end of Toronto, near Lakeshore/High Park. I would run from my house all the way down to High Park, through High Park, to the beach on Lakeshore, and then back uphill to my house. We’re talking a good 8-10km. It felt good.

Until the day I sprained my tendon and did that thing where I was battling in my mind to stop and walk, and decided, “HEY CHAR, YOU’RE A BEAST. YOU SHOULD JUST KEEP IGNORING THE SHOOTING PAINS AND RUN UPHILL FOR ANOTHER 40 MINUTES.” I had the Sporting Life 10 Km in two weeks and guess who couldn’t run it because she got an x-ray and had the Doc tell her she was outta commission for a month? YUP. THIISSS GUYY.

This year, there is no stopping me. I will regain my BEASTLY status once again. (Oh the GLUTES I had… try and pinch that and you’ll break your fingers.)

With that, the (boring and so-called scenic) indoor track is where I’ll be, building my time and my distance. If you care to join me, I will be entering the Harry Rosen Spring Run-Off in April, the Sporting Life 10 Km in May… and possibly the World Wildlife Fund’s CN Tower Climb in August (that one already makes me puke in my mouth a little.) Lol.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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