In my Mother's closet…

The only way I can afford to look stylin’ when I please is through one of three sources: 1. Value Village/Thrift stores/yard sales 2. the Beetles’ (my roomates) closet, and 3. My Mother’s overly packed ratted vintage goods.

It has become a routine now that every time I come home to Vancouver to visit, my mom and I convene in her bedroom as she lays out ‘new’ additions to her ridiculously large collection of what I used to believe were ugly, tacky accessories/clothing. It goes without saying that of course some of these things are still arguably atrocious and should have stayed in the 80’s… but hey, when I was a young blood and my mother tried to give me some of this stuff ie. her vintage red adidas track jacket, aka my favorite adidas track jacket of all time, I thought this stuff was butt ugly. My eye and taste has evidently changed drastically since then, and to be honest, the fact that these hand-me-downs once belonged to my mom and my grandmother make me feel a connectedness to my family that I can never feel anywhere else.

I am in love with my “new” old pieces. I shall wear them with the Layo (my mother’s side) family pride.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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