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Christmas shopping at Metro with my godson, Jayden! MAKES ALL BABIES LOOK LIKE ASSHOLES!

Hello, from slightly drizzling and overcast Vancouver.

This is all too familiar.

The flight here was a bit brutal. My send off with Jay, Teddy and Jen was great, they took care of me… in sstttyyylleee. Needless to say, I got seated in the middle of the plane with all these crazy children who couldn’t sit still if their life depended on it. Ear phones on and music full blast, I passed out real nice and easy.

After a connecting flight from Calgary, I was finally home. It always feels as though I’ve never left. It’s a good feeling to come back to… real good.

We got to the Loro household and there I was confronted by my baby brother who’s not so much of a baby anymore. Fourteen, puberty and awkward low voice stage… it kills me sometimes knowing that I’m not here to help raise him during these teenage times. My parents never seem to age. The benefits of being asian = anti-aging! Lol. And oldest broski? Gave me the friggin ‘pick-up’ hug aka, my favorite hug in the world! My brother has NEVER hugged me like this before and as kinda sorta awkward as it was… it was sweet=)

My dad had quite the mouthful to say about my crazy locks, and lack thereof on the left side of my head. “What?! Why did you do dat?! Dat’s AHGLEE! You’re like… Torrronto gangSTAR! Why would you do dat to yourselp?!” (And this went on…) I only looked back smirking and responding with, “I’m like… one of those girls… on the street! Parang PUNKS, Pa! You don’t like it? You don’t even know the boys of New York and Toronto love it, gets me phone numbers, knawmean???” (He also, didn’t enjoy that response.) I told him to accept it. He ends the entire conversation with, “I don’t eben know what you’re doing dere in Torrronto.” Now, now, nowwww… let’s not jump to conclusions. Crazy hair does not equal reckless, irresponsible lifestyle. But my dad being a dad, he has the right to question, especially with the rebel that is me.
My mom actually likes my mane. She asks if she should shave the side of her head too because her hair is starting to thin out. She’s awesome… but I would never EVER let her do that, haha.

After this typical conversation with my parentals, my best friend Amie scooped me, and what began as a proposed bubble tea run turned into a “Let’s drop by Tunnel for 1st Love Wednesdays.”
It was sooo so so soo good to see the 1st Love fam. It felt like it was summer all over again, minus the hip-hop kareoke that they set me up to do and didn’t TELL me I was the only participant! LOL. If there’s anything I can thank those guys for, it’s for helping me get over my fear of rapping on the mic. Hahah.


Today was great. After doing some video work at Waves Coffee shop in the hood with my best friend, Amie, we hit up good ol’ Metrotown for some Christmas shopping. We were joined by my darling godson, Jayden, who is almost a year old. I have said this time and time again… the… cuuuttest… baby… everr… (makes all other babies look like assholes!) I have a new dancing game I play with him that he loves. It’s called, I sway Jayden between my knees back and forth and wave his arms in the air whilst beat boxing and saying, ‘Yeaahh yeahh! Electric Circus!!’ Hahahah. It’s a really good game to play to pass the time while Tara, his mommy, shops for boots at Spring.

Later on that evening I met up with ‘the Fam‘ aka Richie, Nesa, Airz, Sharkee, Chris, Jeremy and Jess to go scoop bubble tea and hang out at Walmart… this is at like… midnight. HA. We sat in the shoe aisle catching up on life while I kept my feet warm in bootleg Uggs that I was tempted to actually purchase. I have missed these guys dearly. I still propose a bonfire in my backyard in commemoration of our summer spent with ‘Bejewzled‘ the hooka machine, skinny dipping, and roof top climibing. Ahhhh. =)

This 2 week Christmas holiday is looking preeettty awesome. Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday. This weekend is bound to get a liiiiittlleee crazy. If anyone is planning to hit up SoPhresh Saturdays at the Wild Coyote, take note that it is the last one PhreshVibe is throwin for awhile because they’re going under construction. Come one, come all. Things are gunna get banaaannas.

More to update soon.
I’ve spoken my piece.

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  1. VT aka golden said,

    12/18/2009 @ 2:59 pm

    good to know your trip back is going well so far and that it continues to stay dope. your fam from to will be waiting for your arrival

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