Girl Crush: Kaitlin Simonsen

Yesterday was a gorgeously sunny winter day in Toronto. I never used to understand how Torontonians always wore sunglasses regardless of the colder seasons, most likely because in Vancouver, winter and fall = gloom and clouds. Stunna shades during that time of the year was unheard of. But Torrronnttoo? COLD and STILL sunny? I’ll take it. I’ll look fly in my bomber and stunnas even if my limbs are frozen and about to fall off. All in the name of looking friggin good.

With that being said,, creep that sh*t. Do it now, do it now, do it now! I had the honor yesterday to photograph the wonderful Miss Kaitlin Simonsen, fashion and style blogger of A true fashion visionary who takes vintage shopping to a whole new level. I came to know Kaitlin through our mutual means of making steady coin: working for our school career centre. I swear, ever since I’ve met her, her style and flair inspire me to get my act together and make a little more effort in my flyness. (I can’t use the fact that it’s natural swagger as an excuse anymore. It just won’t cut it, guys. Lol.) There are honestly some pieces this girl pulls out of the tickle trunk and rocks so hard that it blows my mind. If I ever saw that random mesh vest with crazy danglies, I’d think it was a hippy curtain and move forward. But this girl? No WAY. Visionary.

I had a blasty-blast yesterday. Not only was Kaitlin’s adorable 1950’s dollhouse (wallpaper and all!) a PLAYGROUND for me, but her closet… her closet! Envious!! We have major plans in the new year to have MyVintageSecret and Lovehard collaborating together on some pretty amazing stuff. Stay posted on this goodness.

I leave you now with a little sneak peak of what took place at yesterday’s shoot. These photos will go up on Kaitlin’s personal lookbook and website where she sells some of the vintage gems she finds on her quests. You can also creep her on twitter where she keeps you up to date with DIY’s (Do It Yourself), latest posts on her blog, and other style inspirations.

I adore you, Kaitlin! Thank you for the love and support=) It comes full circle. Trust.

Sleep awaits.
I’ve spoken my piece.

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