My Annoying Little Brother

A continuation of “Catching Up”, more photos to add to the archives of beautiful moments past. Red’s 21st Surprise Birthday. He didn’t even have an inkling that it was coming. October 23rd, 2009, marks the very special born day of my dear friend who has become, literally, an annoying little brother to me.

The premise was that we were going to have a lovehard productions meeting, Red, Vince and I, and were congregating at my house around 8pm. What Red DIDN’T know, was that all his closest family and friends were decked out in red like it was the new Valentine’s Day, all hiding out in my living room/kitchen, WHICH, was a jungle of red streamers and balloons… we wents CRAZY on the red okay. Lol. Anyways, Red finally walked in and I’m preeetttyyy sure I saw a piece of sh*t that looked like a brick come out of his ass. I LOVE surprising people! The looks on their faces is what makes it worth it every single time.

We had Aminah’s amazing shish kebabs with dill sauce, Stephs’ WILD WINGS (dear lord, kill me… so good. SO GOOD), VARIOUS Chip bags (and sooo good) and Lara’s spinach dip… *drools* the food was incredible that night. The cupcakes, the cake! We had crazy awesome times.

I love you, little brother. You get under my skin sometimes, especially when you LIKE TO SAY THINGS THAT YOU KNOW BUG THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!! Ugghhh. HAhahah. But it’s preeetttyyy hard to stay mad at you. You’re a wonderful human and you’ve brought a lot of joy into my life, especially over the last couple of months. I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am that we crossed paths and were able to become as tight as we are. You are my protege. You are going to bust ass till your balls are blue. Get ready. And… to all the future men hoping to chop me (“I just wanna make out with somebody” *insiide jokkee but selff explaannatorrryyy*), you better watch out for Red. He’s that annoying protective little brother who will give you cut eye and assess you till you’ve proven worthy of my time. Smh.

Here are the photos of his freaking awesome super birthday. Enjoy.

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