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the men go for a round of shots

cheers, cheers, cheers.

Lady Galley and I enjoying our gravy dinner!

Mmmm. Gravy.

Yesterday I enjoyed an incredible thanksgiving dinner at the Barbaza residence. Red and Jay have recently become two of my most favorite people in Toronto, and for them to invite me to their family gathering was an honor. (I did, however, have to make the background check as to what the gravy situation is in their family. “Does your mom make awesome gravy?” “Yes. The best.” “Will there be stuffing? Turkey?” “Oh my god, please, obviously.” “… YESSSS, I’m in!!!”)

Sure enough, Red lived up to his word, and I devoured turkey, pot roast, smashed potaters, and veggies with my pool of gravy. I should also mention that getting “seconds” for me entitles me just pouring more gravy over whatever is not on my plate. (Have you gotten the hint that gravy is one of my most favorite foods in the entire world? Yes, it is an item, it stands on it’s own. It is not an accent or food accessory. Don’t tell me otherwise.)

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a family environment as welcoming and warm as Red and Jay’s. When Jen and I walked into the room, it was as if a parade went off, both Red and Jay’s moms got up exclaiming, “You must be CHAR and JEN!” I just want to punch out a T.V. or two for how freaking adorable this entire family is. My heart longs for Filipino famjam settings. It is something I am so deprived of ever since I’ve made the move to Toronto.

baby Red

the cousins crew barkada.

Some highlights of the evening include: guitar jam seshing in Jay’s room. (This appears to be a prominent family party activity with all Filipinos.) I also adored looking through old family photos that Tita Maria put up on the T.V. screen. The days of GQ Red and Jay are soooo facebook worthy. I can understand Red’s swagger, not only after meeting Lola, but seeing what baby Red was kopping back in the day?! Tita knows whassup. By far, the most entertaining part of the night was Youth Summit 2009 — a circle gathering of everyone sprawled on the living room floor, roasting Jay and Red about their lady encounters. Theo and his father officially win Best Father-Son Award, Lola wins Best Dressed, and Red wins Best Impression of Jay on the Phone. LOL. *on her stomache and kicks her legs back and forth*

The weekend isn’t over yet. Lots of reading to be accomplished today, and the Main Ingredient party tonight.

Happy Thanksthanking, ya’ll!

I’ve spoken my piece.

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  1. Jmae said,

    10/14/2009 @ 5:43 am

    pretty funny how i was a “lady encounter”

  2. Lovehard. » Case of the TRIPTOFAN(TU) said,

    10/12/2010 @ 12:22 am

    […] this year crept up on me so quick, it was trippin’ me out thinking about last year’s Island of Misfit Toys with Red’s familia. This year’s thanksgiving dinner was provided by none other than the […]

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