the comeback.


phil, the definition of froshie coolness.

I’m terrible at this. Relentless blogging used to be second nature to me. Ironic, considering blogging is my part time job now, as well as I’ve been placed with another paid offer to be a blogger elsewhere. (I can’t believe people are paying me to do this. Social media is greeaaaat.)

The Post-secondary comeback. That’s what’s up.

I can’t repeat it enough: I effing love school. It’s an incredible environment, being in post-secondary again. It’s different this time around. When I was 18, I was being educated at this institution also known as Langeezy College, in Vancity, B.C. All you need to know is that it was a major gong show and my grades were shameful. It is strange though, to be in classes with people 4 years younger than me asking me to bootleg for them for alcohol. I’m in no way, shape, or form, an old fart. I’m usually the youngest in the various groups I roll with, so don’t you DARE make me feel like a grandma. Lol.

Moving on.RYER-WHAT?! Ryerson!

A few weeks ago was frosh and the annual parade and picnic. Ryerson goes ALL OUT. By that, I mean, we are shameless with attracting attention to ourselves. You know, let’s just shut down Yonge Street, paint it red with our endless chanting, and take over Toronto Island. Wiiiitth… K’Naan and Girl Talk. No biggie.

Girl Talk!

sweatpants at a concert?!

It was a great afternoon. I will never pass up the chance at free food and awesome music. Over stimulation with all these new people I’ve been meeting, student groups I’ve been joining. Phone numbers being exchanged front, left, right and center. I also overcame my childhood fear of frisbees and decided to take another crack at it. Just my luck, my hand-eye coordination has improved over the years, thus I am able to catch frisbees now as opposed to them giving me first degree concussions. Haha.

The transition from full time celebrity lifestyle of working, chilling, restauranting, partying and traveling to Montreal 6 times out of the year to student broke ass lifes has been extremely difficult. I am easily swayed by peer pressure and the seductive coaxing of all things unrelated to studying. I put post-its on my wall above my desk to inspire and push me to be a bit more academic. Oh you know, things like, “Uh.. You go to RYERSON, Char. Don’t F*ck it up!” and “Are you gunna trump all those freshies, or what?!” and “If you can read this, you’re not studying, FOOL.” Surprisingly, it works. Meet King, my instant bestie.

Speaking of which, there is a PSA I must write for my broadcast writing class.

Enjoy the new layout. I’ll try not to leave this on the back burner. I know you like to read about my oh so interesting life and my cryptic analogy-epiphany posts. 😉

I’ve spoken my piece.


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