Take a Second.

It’s a funny feeling being back home. Being so removed from this bubble that is Vancouver and being reintroduced to it in a new light has had such a strange effect over me in the past few days. I instinctively pick up old habits — like not cooking for myself (what with food being constantly in the fridge and on the kitchen table), or bossing my little brother around to get me glasses of water and do my bidding. I also don’t see things the same way and part of me feels this pressure to live in the light of how people saw me before I left. I think that’s lame and I’m consciously aware of it. I have done too much growth in the last year and a bit to assimilate back into the old Char that we all once knew. 

The east coast flavor has left an irremovable taste in my mouth. I can’t NOT be who I’ve become, and I refuse to be suppressed by people’s condescending eyes and assuming thoughts that I once allowed to rule my actions. It’s what Toronto has done to me: I. Just. Don’t. Care… Sorry? Ha. For some its a shocker, and for those who I know are genuine and true peoples, it’s a relief. A breath of fresh air, really. I’m a freer, stronger, open-minded, deeper, darker, grimier individual than I’ve ever been. I’m pretty proud of it, not gunna lie. *Shrugs her shoulders*

Much to come in this following week. Work commences as of 9 hours from now and will consume most of my week. Other things on the agenda include getting together with old friends, my internship with a meeting at Bons on Broadway ($2.99 breakfast and crack coffee, baby!), and catching up on editing footage I’ve had since Toronto (I’m crazy backed up.) I’m very excited to work with new equipment my work has gotten most recently, and to learn, learn, learn. I’m thinking of making a trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery sometime this week as well and see what the latest exhibit is. I can’t even remember what it looks like in there anymore.

Time to get on the grind. 

Rain, go away. Sun, I invite you into my presence.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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