My Time.

I had a surprise visitor yesterday in my store. It was so pleasant to see this individual’s face. Words she said that rung and resonated in my mind the rest of the day…

“Char, this is YOUR TIME.”

I couldn’t shrug it off! I think back to all the frustrating times in the past — dealing with the Filipino parental reign, them breathing down my neck about what I should do, and me going away and just straight up deciding I don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks, says, feels about what I’m doing/should do/should be… This year has taught me that there is nobody I can truly rely on other than myself. Nobody knows my gut  better than me. Nobody knows me better than me. I gotta do what I can, and do what is going to make me happiest. I TOLD YOU that when I finally know what I WANT… I’m going to be the shit.

I don’t have a lot to say for myself just yet, but I do have some. Haha. I wouldn’t be where I am right at this very present moment, if I didn’t. 

My parents are already boasting back home in Vanicty. Stupid Filipino ‘Show Face’ mentality. Eh. Whatever. Hahaha. It’s something well worth boasting about.

Nobody and nothing else matters right now anyhow.

Don’t get in my way or I’ll stomp you to the ground.

I’ve spoken my piece.



'I'm So Into You'

Bon Matin. 

New day. New Snowfall. Suck it up, Toronto. It’s April, it’s “winter”, and I must bust out my winter jacket once again. For some reason, this morning, I don’t mind it.

SWV has been on repeat the past couple of days that it has tempted me to hit up Sonic Boom to find all the original CDs. Unfortunately, knowing my over-spending tendencies in that damned store, I really shouldn’t be anywhere near Bathurst and Bloor. Purchasing music is another form of retail therapy for me. I become religious to a ‘new’ CD, that only ends up in my iTunes, with the original picking up dust in the corner. Perhaps it’s time for vinyl? There’s something about popping in a CD, lettin’ your tape tock, or putting on the vinyl that makes you appreciate music so much more. When I don’t have to worry about feeding and housing myself, I shall invest in a new method of playing my beloved tunes. 

The day is promising, despite the weather, and despite my circumstances.  The ‘Hurry Up and Wait’ Game is getting old, yet, I’m still bound to it. I’m okay. 

I pray for deliciousness this weekend. I would love to spend my Friday and Saturday off doing absolutely nothing. I just wanna be, and I just wanna be with peoples.

Mad Love.

Check, check.

I’m So Into You


Oh, You.

The subway ride home was excruciating. It seemed as though the passing of every station resulted in a growing internal conversation with myself. A dialogue that was really an argument, that was really a blame-game, that was finally an intervention from a third party (Char 3?!) stating that my anxieties were reaching red on the meter and if I didn’t stop soon, I would be in major trouble. 

There is no use creating situations in my head that don’t actually exist. 

Waiting. Hoping. Praying. Wishing… for many things to happen... to not happen

Perhaps it is the newfound hippie in me, the third party that is Char 3, that knows… I can deal with life when life happens. I will.

Courage, courage, courage my Love. Time and time again.

I’ve spoken my piece.



A Bientôt, Mon Amour

The weekend is over and so are my over indulgences. I’m primarily speaking of the multiple times I committed gluttony these past few days. Despite Montréal being titled the “Night Life City” of Canada, I didn’t partake in so much of that. The rain was a definite factor, as well as the fact that it’s just not summer. Just. Wasn’t. Feelin. It. 

The main company this past weekend was Mr. Justin Zamora, also known as Jigga Man- JayZ. Exchanges of music, movies, shisha and alcoholic beverages were what bonded us. This individual never fails when it comes to the latest gadgetry or toys. New Macbook? He’s got it. Heated blanket? He’s got it. Gamer chair and turntables? Projector screen and projector? 24″ iMac? Wii? iPhone? xBox? Need I say more?!? Entertainment and stimulation are never a problem when you’re at the Zamora residence. I surely am grateful for this gentlemen’s hospitality, nurse-duties (he really is a nurse), and most importantly, getting me rip roarin’ loaded within three hours upon arrival. You never let me down, Justin, especially with the Miss Vickies Rosemary and Basil Chips. SWV is currently playing off my iPod as we speak, soundtrack of August Rush is up to bat, and Liam Neeson is my hero. Thanks again, mon ami.  My time was also spent with the following significant and special favorites:

  • Brian Morales, or ‘Mo’, as we like to call him. He likes to mix business with pleasure, which, I don’t hate on. ;P We didn’t have the opportunity to have a ‘Real Talks’ sesh which is usually pretty vital to every MTL visit. Perhaps it was because he was too busy on the phone all the time. Hmmmm. Hahahah. He was one of my very first friends in Montréal. =] Thanks for “falling asleep” and not seeing me on my last day!!!
  • Alex Guingab, a.k.a. Lexii. Part-time dancer, part-time DJ, and full-time Womanizer. (I can attest to that, haha) All that is quote worthy in regards to Lexii and this visit was the drive-thru at McDonald’s and Lex yelling out the window, “You’re too slow! We’re going to another McDonald’s!” 
  • Miss Meredith Sarmiento — a kindred spirit, a joy contributor, the filipina Martha Stewart, the Cupcake Queen, the N*gga B*tch of the year 2000. Hahahahhaha. I have too much faith in this woman and her incredible passion for food. I have had a premonition that she will travel the world writing restaurant reviews and sampling hidden dessert treasures. She will also never get fat despite gluttony being her profession. *Nods head* Yep, Mer. It’s gunna happen. You’re never gunna be one of those Titas that ‘let go’, haha. Oh, did I mention? She makes one BAD ASS cream cheese frosting. Dead serious.
  • Jean-Noel Quilatan, also known as Joe. Fellow Sneakuh head (well, me, not so much anymore), and Miss Meredith’s bank for all her eating exploits. He is always great company, drives Marcy, a delicious car, and has pinpointed my dream car for me… Ummm… What was it again? BMW 1 series, two-door, V-6 engine, in phoenix black?!?! Merçi pour le créme brulée! C’est trés bon!! C’est domage that our run didn’t fall through. Solo-effort. =/
  • Chris Zscofscin — Softskin. I hate this guy with a passion. Don’t let him add you on facebook, he will creep harder than weeds on your lawn. Don’t fall asleep during New Year’s anywhere near him, he will take provocative looking pictures on you and sneak kisses on your cheek. Don’t let him hug you, it is the most awkward feeling a human being could experience. He has apparently put me on his ‘Top 20 List’ and am considered attractive in his eyes. Please pass me the waste basket, I’m going to vomit.

Homies and Homiettes I saw briefly and wish I kicked it with longer or at all:

  • Jessica Jalea. We used to cuddle under the covers and whisper secrets on the futon. The majority of our time on this trip was only spent during a purchase of Vanilla Milkshake at Chenoys. Summer time? Your birthday round 3? I’m in. =]
  • JE Jalea. I saw you ONCE. JEboy, would you like crackers with your cheese? Can’t wait to meet JessiGurl. 😉 Tell your parents to open a restaurant already, because those shrimps are baannnggginnnn’.
  • Jack and Lindsay. Your humor and sarcasm are always welcome. Much to your dismay, you couldn’t stop me from coming to this city despite your blunt reaction over my facebook wall. 
  • Janet, Umals, C.J. — Brief but pleasant to see you. Umals, you’re getting deezed. I’m sure you’re already aware of that, haha.
  • Vinh, Talisa, Gina — T.O. BRRRAATATATATTTSSSS!!! See you guys this summer… living in the same city, hiiyyyoooooooo. It’s gunna be bomb. Send your music my way, Vinh. Tal, girrrlll taalkkkkssss, and Gina, your accent is the CUTEST!
  • Hannah and Jesse — Surprise me in T.O. again? Jesse, it’s been two years and you’re STILL too broke to buy me dinner?!?!

A video showcasing the visuals of this mini-trip will follow this post in the near future. 

I cannot believe it’s been two years since the summer that changed my life. You guys are truly home away from home… away from home. Without a doubt, Montréal just has this charisma and charm that Toronto lacks. I definitely have to acknowledge it in the people — despite the infamous French snobbery, I think that that remains true to Quebecers amongst each other. To the visiting tourists, Montréalers are nothing other than welcoming and friendly. They go out of their way to make you fall in love with their  beautiful city, and they buff their chests out with pride because you’ll soon admit that it’s very true. 

August? *Nods head in agreement* Mmmmhmmmm.

I’ve spoken my piece.



My Home Away From Home… Away From Home

Day two of my extra long weekend in Montréal and it’s been ridiculous. I should have known that I would be unable to resist the peer pressure of my extremely persuasive friends.  Last night spoke enough for itself. Within the hour upon arrival, drinks were mixed and celebratory shots were taken in my honor. I missed my friends dearly=)

The day was gorgeous. Fourteen degrees of absolute beauty. We finally got out of the house and went to my old neighbourhood — Cote de Neiges to grab pho from Pho Vien. We sat on the outdoor patio and reminisced upon two summers ago when I stomped those grounds and studied french at l’Université de Montréal.  Rollin’ with Lexii, Justin, and Mo, we killed that spot clean. I love Viet food. Mmmmm. 

After our delicious eats, we met up with Vinh, Talisa and Gina downtown on St. Catherine’s. We paraded down the street with ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. Chocolate brownie and cheesecake flavor is THE BOMB. We did our usual trek to Old Port and hung out. Jacques Cartier Sq was barren. It’s so weird being here when it’s not summer. 

We’re back now in West Island. It’s the equivalent to ‘burbs but it’s not as far as Ajax or Sauga is from Toronto. At Justin’s pad, just whipped up a few chicken burgers and random leftovers in the fridge. My secret talent of concocting delectable meals from other people’s kitchens are in full effect. I will make breakfast tomorrow, no doubt. The Shisha bong is out again, and I’ve taken a little me-time to write out the contents of my day. I shall join the circle and continue to digest that burger.

Wow. I need to catch up on some Zzzzzz’s tonight. Tomorrow is predicted to rain. Shopping at Laval, ribs at Bofinger, and possible club action is in order. Although, the idea of Tonic on a Friday night was so last summer. I’m just not interested in club slutting it up at a Top 40’s joint. Yiiiiikkes.


It feels so good to be here.

I’ve spoken my piece.



I. Hate. Packing.

This is the current state of my household. One word. DISASTER.

This is the beginning of a very busy month. Much has been accomplished in the past week, and there is much to be done in the following weeks to come. If there is anything I learned today, Procrastination has never been my friend because he brings with him, an annoying partner — Stress. When Char is around Procrastination and Stress, her best friends Happiness and Fun like to peace out. Sucky.

Alright. I have two hours. Pack, pack, parceque Je vais aller a Montreal a demain! Merci! Je ne peux pas attends!! Je dois un vacation. Much deserved.

Things I must do in MTL:

  • (default) La Belle Province! Poutine… *mouth waters*
  • (another default) Bring home some Schwartz’s smoked meat (for Shaun, and obvi, moi!)
  • The RUN to END EAJ (Excessive Ass Jiggling). It’s a 5km run down the Lachine Canal. Hahah Organized by Jean-Noel and myself for missing out on the Harry Rosen Spring Run-Off this Saturday at High Park.
  • Sheesha Sessions at Monsieur Justin Zamora’s patio. 
  • Some party action, although, to be quite honest, it isn’t very necessary. I don’t seem to be in the heavily drinking, heavily partying mood these days. (The strong influence of others and the nightlife city itself could very easily change my mind.)
  • Old Port, and the lookout on Mont Royale. Always, always, always a fave of mine to do. 
  • Miss Meredith and Miss Jessica Cupcakes!! I shall support the cause and order a half dozen! 
  • See my peoples. Flip Squad of MTL since the summa of ’07, baby. 

No blackberry emails. No work-related business. Just. Straight. Chillin.

Until I return from the 514 to the 416...

I’ve spoken my piece.



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