Cannot… Contain…


Every time I think of it… of ALL of it, I immediately illuminate and you can most definitely spot me grinning from ear to ear. Why? WHY, do you ask?!

This summer is so promising. I have much, much, much to look forward to and I know this summer will be packed with lots of learning, new people, new adventures, all in the comfort and familiarity of home. It’s like… experiencing a place you’ve known so well, but in a whole new light, new perspective, and with new opportunities. Vancouver is beckoning. 

What is getting me so stimulated?

  • landed a great internship, working alongside Derrick, who has not only been my mentor for the last year, but he will be taking me under his armpit and he’s going to teach me everything. Incredible.
  • working with D = working with sexy ass equipment = many projects = many videos = a lot of freaking fun before I even start school. HOLY.
  • monies! getting some monies!!!
  • booyyyyyyssssss??? mmmm. we’ll see about that one. vancity and pegcity won’t be able to get a handle on this T.O. washed chick. 
  • new and old peoples. best friends. child hood friends. friends to come. grrrrrreat times.
  • BEACH! the west coast… oh your mountains, water, sand, beautiful….. i will embrace the nature i’ve been deprived of like never before.
  • food. the food is delicious. especially west coast seafood. salmon. sushi! asian delicacies! ah! ah!
  • my BIRTHDAY. 21. best believe it baby. and we’ll make it gooooooood. real good!
  • i’m goin, goin, back, back, to cali, cali! brrraatatattsss! can’t wait to see familia, friends, the Joo! and rip the coast, even mexico! can someone say… puerto rican sexy? thanks, i might let you touch me.
  • moms. pops. brajas. lola. we are family. 
  • SUMMER. that’s it. everything it encompasses. flip flops, short shorts, frappuccinos, walking, walking, walking. stanley park. biking adventures. warm weather. my stunna shades. robson. downtown. gastown. partying. dancing. hanging out. bbq’s. parks. lots of parks. sun bathing. swimming. 

I want to capture it all. 

This is the season finale folks. Until the new fall season premiere. 

Stay tuned.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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