To thine own self be true

Today, it is raining.

There’s a heaviness that hangs in the air and a cold chill that makes it’s way under every layer of my skin. It makes my bones resonate and my teeth clench, as if to block out it’s seeping. There is something that has gotten to me. 

Maybe it’s this fight within myself to stand up and be the independent, strong, and unstoppable woman that I know I am, or maybe it’s the old voice pushing it’s way through to be heard, to tell me that I… should feel guilty. Stupid. Dumb. Lesser version of myself. 

A long, hot shower needs to be had. Warmth and love needs to make it’s way back. I’m going to go and be generous with myself and give a little TLC. 

I’ll feel good in a matter of minutes.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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