A Lesson Re-learned.

They kept telling me the same thing and I didn’t want to listen. I know it’s because they know my value and they don’t want anyone to take up my time who doesn’t recognize or see the same thing. I have shrugged and brushed this off and gone about my own business, but I am realizing at this very moment that I have been hoping and wanting for something that doesn’t exist. Not here, anyway. 

I look back at my track record, the people involved in that, and I am saddened to say that it is different people, same circumstance, and same residual shitty self-compromised feeling on my behalf. 

I am better than this. I deserve to treat myself like so much more. It’s not something anyone ever did to wrong me, but rather, the choices I made that wronged myself. I don’t think it’s wrong to know how I want to be loved because I would want to know how to go about loving right, too. 

Current state: Somewhat heavy hearted. 

There is never any regret in the time or care invested; it’s always worth it if it means coming that much closer to understanding this little business called Love. 

I shall go now and make the most of what’s left of this Easter Weekend. 

I’ve spoken my piece.


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