In Point Form:

  • Was in full force rain gear today — Cutest navy blue rain jacket, c/o lululemon athletica, Red gum boots with navy blue cherries, and a gigantor-ikea-sized Red and Navy umbrella. 
  • BOUGHT A CINNABON. The guys who worked at the Dundas Sq. one work at the College one now. I narc’d on them for shutting down the one near my work. “I hope you know you ruined my life the day I walked in there and saw that windows were boxed up and you guys were outta business.”
  • Filming Eduardo the Cat was so entertaining. That, and learning Rick Astley lyrics with Britney.
  • Two days off did me well at work. Store looks amazing, my people are amazing, and I got called a racist b*tch from a Crazy that I banned away forever. Trust me, this moment was PRICELESS!
  • The guy who was making my Subway sandwich was tryin’ to play eyesies with me. Too bad he’s totally sixteen years old. 
  • Filmed a new music video. BEST. TIMES. EVER. Katie, Caroline, Rache and Brit… I owe you guys one. Mrs. Field’s cookies on me! You will alllllllll see this video soon enough 😉 😉 😉
  • I am tired of cheesy dance moves, sweating, breaking my beedjo-girl glasses, and that STUPID ASS SONG ON REPEAT!!! 
  • Jack Astors with two of the dopest homegirls around — Rache and Brit. “It’s ten after ten, on a Sunday evening, JUST SO YOU KNOW.” Garlic Pan Bread? Shoot me. You’re so delectable.
  • I have finally found amazing girlfriends in this damned city. Women who are independent, incredible, vibe my vibes, and who are just straight REAL. Never, EVER, a dull moment with you guys. Nothing but love in my heart, and so much longing when you are in Ireland, Greece, and I am in Vancouver…
  • You are still cool in my books. Just know that I care. A lot.
  • Exhaustion. Tomorrow is editing day and preparation for another project.
  • Someone wanna clean my house for me? Because currently my closet is my bed, and my accessories are on the floor…. and the dishes are in the sink… 
  • Three. More. Days…. and I’m outta here, baaabbbyyyy! (Just for awhile.)
  • SLEEP!

I’ve spoken my piece.


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