VLXL - Via Linez x Lyve

// Year: 2022

This one's been almost 20 years in the making.

I first met Lyve off of a message board around 2003, where we both shared a mutual interest in Hip-Hop.

Always been supportive of the guy and his music, and he's been supportive of my design work, wanting our paths to cross on a project somehow.

When he mentioned his new VLXL EP with Via Linez was a reference to The North Face's Summit Series, it was only right that this would be the one to bring me back from my design hiatus.

With my love for all things TNF, I flipped a pack of logos for the cover and merchandise, referencing TNF's half dome, red box and co-ordinate graphics, as well as some of Gore-Tex's logos throughout the years.

I'm not quite back, but this was a really fun one to work on.

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