A number of promotional flyers for 'Toronto's Number One Club Alternative', Spankdelicious Saturdays.

They approached Committee Design to develop a flyer for a special event they were hosting.

One flyer became two, two became three and Committee Design is now handling all of their art direction.


Summer 2008 Flyer

// Year: 2008

A new flyer was needed for the Summer season so a number of themes were tossed around, one of which was an Ice Cream truck.

Rather than going the conventional route by using stock photographs, we decided to completely develop this flyer from scratch.

This included photographing the entire team and incorporating them into a drawn Ice Cream truck, giving it a little comical-meets-realistic feel.

Another added touch was having the flyer die cut as well.

The response to this one from the public was incredible!

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

// Year: 2008

While all of the other parties in the city were going the romantic route, we wanted to appeal to the heart broken as well as the heart breakers.

Naming this event after 50 Cent's album instantly sparked the idea of combining that album artwork with the head of this evening's guest DJ, Big Jacks.

Top top it all off, we recreated what the cd would look like in real life - complete with an information sticker and price sticker to seal the deal.

Love Stinks!


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Keys N Krates

// Year: 2008

This event marked the debut of Keys N Krates, a live remix show comprised of DJ Jr-Flo on turntables and Matisse on keys, backed by live drums and bass guitar.

Our main focus for this design was just to deliver a really clean and straightforward poster design.

Previously having toured the globe on individual musical conquests, group frontmen DJ Jr-Flo and eclectic soul musicial Matisse are collectively reinterpreting and breathing new life into both classic and contemporary Hip Hop and Electronic music.

Follow this link to see one of my favorite live remixes from Keys N Krates at Spankdelicious Saturdays:


More info about Keys N Krates
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We're Outta Here Baby!

// Year: 2008

With Spankdelicious about to leave their mark at Down One Lounge having been around for '5 Years Strong', the unfortunate news of Down One Lounge's closing at the end of November had just been announced.

'How do we celebrate 5 long years?' was the question, and the unanimous answer was to go out BIG.

A monumental event was Toronto's very own Blue Jays winning the pennant in 1994, so it was only right that we celebrated Spankdelicious' 5 years the same way.

We decided to run with a baseball theme, while still keeping true to Spankdelicious' musical roots. A little bit of Joe Carter and a little bit of Kanye West made this one of our favorite flyers to date.


// Year: 2008

With Spankdelicious Saturdays coming to an end, an opportunity arose to begin a new Friday night at a more upscale venue called Chic Chinoise - a modern take on Chinese cuisine in a supper-club environment.

With a more sophisticated clientele to cater to, it was only right to name this new Friday 'Elevate'.

Elevate your style, elevate your scenery, and elevate your taste in great music as well.

We opted to create a flyer that could be understood even without words.

The button's pressed for you. All you need to do is step on in.

Going up?