DJ Riccachet - Clap Your Hands! Vol. 1

// Year: 2011

Artwork for Sweet Touch Foundation's DJ Riccachet and his house music mixed cd, Clap Your Hands! Vol. 1

DJ Riccachet hailed me up to see if I'd be able to do up the artwork for his house cd. With the premise that everyone's been on the 'Fist Pump' craze lately but the 'Soul Clap' would always reign supreme any day of the week.

He had a visual idea in mind, focusing on just the 'Soul Claps', but upon hearing the mention of 'Fist Pumps', I had wanted to incorporate that into the design as well.

The end result is reminiscint of what you'd find in an old guide or textbook.

The response to the mix as well as the artwork was outstanding. Definitely loved working on this one.

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