// Year: 2010

A website for Lovehard, a Toronto based Photo/Video Production company.

Char Loro (Lovehard) contacted me after her previous designer was unable to complete the re-design/re-branding of her site/identity.

After already having a launch party for the site with no actual site to show for, we were absolutely short on time.

We tossed around a couple visual cues, and within hours the basic framework for Lovehard was submitted.

Within a week, a fully functional site was up and running.

Char had mentioned she had a wall full of post it notes with Lovehard sayings all over them. We implemented those into the splash page, which randomly displays one with every refresh.

For the layout, we flipped the indicators on a filmstrip for a part of the blog design tying back into her photo/video services. Char also mentioned she loved Serif's, so we made that a significant part of the site as well.

All in all, one of my favorite projects to date.