Some Different Sh*t

// Year: 2008

Artwork for DJ Big Jacks' September Mix, Some Different Sh*t!.

DJ Big Jacks was in need of some artwork for 'Some Different Sh*t!', his September installment of exclusive monthly mixes.

This mix ranged in a variety of genre's from classic 80's boogie/funk to straight up new school electro house.

I wanted the artwork to reflect the overall theme of this mix - something different - as some of the songs branched far out from what Big Jacks usually plays.

Kubrick's images from '2001: A Space Odyssey' just went with the vibe so well, that it became the basis for this design.

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Electric Relaxation

// Year: 2009

Artwork for DJ Big Jacks' mix cd, Electric Relaxation

Always wanting to try something new, I did a little something different than my normal style for this one, going with a two-tone gradient that I think meshed really well together.

Just a fun cover to work on, and one of my earlier favorites once it was all done.

The Snack Pack Vol. 1

// Year: 2009

Artwork for DJ Big Jacks' remix pack, The Snack Pack Vol. 1.

Big Jacks had pitched the idea about doing a 'pack' of remixes that would be serviced to DJ's and music lovers alike. We had tossed around a couple of names for the project and decided on 'The Snack Pack'

Pudding was a must, but I didn't want to just shoot an actual Snack Pack. Wanting to keep it easily identifiable though, I had decided to write the title in pudding.

2 packs of pudding later, and here we are. One of my favorite projects to date.


Funky 4 You - A UK Funky Mix!

// Year: 2010

Two iconic things that remind me of the UK -- The London Underground, and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

It just wouldn't be right to not reference both of those on a UK Funky Mix.

As simple as it is, I love how this one turned out.


Popular Demand!

// Year: 2010

Artwork for DJ Big Jacks' mix cd, Popular Demand!

Big Jacks was commissioned to do a series of mixes for Aritzia, a fashion forward women's retail boutique with locations spanning major cities in North America.

With an idea in mind, I painted a picture for Big Jacks, which went along the lines of 'Remember The Beatles and the madness with all the girls?' 'Yeah' 'That's it. Popular Demand.'

Because it was a really fun mix, I wanted the artwork to have the same feeling, and I think we achieved that well.