The Bounce

// Year: 2009

A promotional flyer for leading Toronto MC/DJ duo, Black Rap, (now known as GGBR Records).

Bozack Morris, the Mic Controller/ Graphic Designer/Promoter/Sometimes DJ/All-around-go-getter half of Black Rap contacted us about doing a flyer for a party they were doing in conjuction with Refresh Ent.

With an extremely tight deadline, I had originally designed a more 'graphic' flyer featuring a certain female body part. After all, it was 'The Bounce'. I was later told that it was for a going away party. A going away party for a girl, nonetheless.

The end result was a stripped down flyer into something really clean and simple.

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Flight Network: Westside Connection

// Year: 2009

A promotional flyer for Black Rap's weekly Tuesday residency, Flight Network.

Already having enough of a workload to take care of, Bozack Morris contacted us to do another flyer. This time, a Flight Network flyer for a special guest slot as Vancouver's DJ Sage would be in town and rocking alongside Black Rap, and Kaewonder.

I had already designed a 'Flight' themed flyer for a party called Departure, and I definitely didn't want this to resemble anything remotely close to what was previously done.

Keeping with the 'Flight' theme, we decided to flip a luggage tag.

It hasn't been a day since I finished this, and it's already one of my favorite flyers.


Brink Airways Logo

// Year: 2009

Logo design for fictional 'Brink Airways'

While working on a flyer for DJ Sage's guest appearance at Flight Network, I came up with this fictional 'Brink Airways' logo. Bozack liked it, and it made appearances on a number of future Flight Network flyers.


Flight Network: Ghostdini CD Release Party

// Year: 2009

A promotional flyer for Flight Network's 'Ghostdini The Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City' CD Release Party.

With an extremely tight deadline of 24 hours, we were asked to put a flyer together to celebrate the Wu-Tang Clan's very own Ghostface, and the release of his 'Ghostdini The Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City' album.

The original plan was to use the album's artwork, but I had stumbled onto this photo of Ghostface in a Team Canada jersey, and it was simple mathematics from there. Ghostface + Canada = Win.

Simple as that.


Flight Network: Can I Have A

// Year: 2009

A promotional flyer for Bozack Morris' solo edition at Flight Network.

Bozack had approached me with the idea of doing a flyer for this edition of Flight Network where he would be holding it down on his own. No Big Jacks or Kaewonder to fall back on.

Since it was called 'Can I Have A Receipt??!?!', we kept it simple and flipped a receipt with all things Bozack - 90's R&B, Ladies, and Shrimp Roll's.

Brownie points if you know the reference of this title.